Transport & Logistics

Our company provides different kinds of transport services, including carriage of excise goods.


It may look simple, but the logistics of our products are complex and needs various factors to be considered.

It never stops. 24/7, 365 days/year, around the world there’s always something being transported by plane, ship, truck or train, or being handled (stored) in one of the warehouses.


Our services include:
• Insurance of customs debt for transit or excise goods;
• SAD customs declaration, transit declarations, Intrastate declarations;
• Drawing up a declaration on excise duties;
• Registration and submission of applications to the customs authorities: EORI, PDR and others;
• Registration and submission of documents to other state bodies, as well as drawing up other documents
following customs rules and required by customs authorities;
• Filling out the TIR Carnet, ATA carnets, CMRs;
• Providing the client with financial guarantees;
• Convoy.

The efficiency, speed, accuracy and safety of your goods are of high importance to us, so you can totally rely on our services.