About product

Not only we aim to become outstanding representative of cigarette industry in Europe, but also to become one of the globe's leading name and gradually grow into an up-to-date tobacco enterprise with large scale, automated management, advanced technology, and long-term development.

Our brands are present in various countries from Middle East, Africa, Balkans, Nord of Korea and including the following brands:
Regina, Dubao, Selfie and D&B.



Premium cigarettes «Regina» have the original pack design. They are sold in more than 20 countries around the world.



Premium brand of cigarettes, created for those, who wants more.



Cigarettes attract customers with their affordable price and good quality of production.



New cigarettes SELFIE are created for people who carefully follow fashion and who prefer confident, proactive approach to life; for people who create their own lifestyle and dictate it to others.





Our meticulously created cigarettes are made of pure and organic tobacco. We may proudly say that our customers understand matters concerning searching and finding quality cigarettes that have rich and enjoyable aroma, smolder slow, look uncommon and consist only of organic tobacco. All our cigarettes are manufactured in compliance with international quality standards using the best raw materials.