About Us

"Global Tobac Сo. Ltd."
is an international company, which produces high-quality innovative product.

A cigarette is more complicated than it may seem at first.


Fair business dealing is our main target. High working standards and specific goals are set at our work place; they unite us and establish the style of our operations. Owing to technological support and working conditions for personnel, our company is one of the best enterprises of the tobacco industry. The main priority in our organizational management is quality of output product. The production of "Global Tobac Сo. Ltd." is hundred percent equipped with measuring instrumentation and operated by the employees, who maintain constant quality control that ensures full compliance of our products with all the statutory requirements.
"Global Tobac Сo. Ltd." is actively investing generous amount of funds in new generation of high-performance equipment and modern IT. The formation strategy of the factory is characterized by the highest cigarette market activity and the need to respond quickly to changes in demand.
"Global Tobac Сo. Ltd." keeps up to high standards of social feedback. Our viewing of the responsible tobacco company consists of mutual benefit, conscientious production control and honest corporate behavior. The manufacturing of our product takes place on the territory of European Union. The cigarette’s life starts in the fields and then ends up usually miles away in hands of our clients. Every cigarette is part of an engaging journey. Tobacco goes through many processes before it winds up in consumers’ hands.

Leaf grading

We use leaves from different sources to create a particular tobacco brand. It is very important to make sure we have the correct quality and characteristics. When cultivated tobacco leaves arrive at the factory, firstly we check for its quality, then it is carefully blended with other ingredients that the recipe may require: flavorings or humectants such as water. At this stage control of different tobaccos is critical. The tobacco itself is cured and then flavors are added. It may vary according to customers’ preferences. Every individual ingredient is as responsibly sourced and meticulously put together as the next one.



Tobacco blending is a skillful (subtle) process which starts with selecting and then combining the right mixture of grades – getting the right one is our major concern. Moisture content is also of vital importance. Too dry tobacco leaf will crumble while processing, too moist one may spoil during storage. Tobacco, which is selected for blending, is treated with just the right amount of steam and water that makes it elastic and ready to be cut into the form used in cigarettes. The excess moisture is removed then and the final check is carried out. Cigarette making, once done entirely by manual labor, is now almost fully automated. Lately serial production management lays upon computing tools that monitor various production parameters. The cut tobacco, cigarette paper and filters are continuously fed into the cigarette-making machines. Quality is a top priority for "Global Tobac Сo. Ltd.".
Each cigarette is automatically quality controlled that ensures meeting every existing requirements.



Thousands of finished cigarettes are then put into individual packs. To save the fine taste, cigarettes are wrapped in aluminum foil which is itself wrapped in air-proof inner board. After the individual packs are produced, they are then packed into outers (usually they contain 10 packs of cigarettes). To protect them during shipment the outers are packed into cases (500 packs, which is 10 000 cigarettes). There is testing at all these stages to ensure reliable product protection.